Thursday, 3 September 2015


 Some of the important factors and determinants of the economy, and the changes that have occurred during the last 2 years.

INFLATION – The WPI (Wholesale Price Index) Inflation has come down from 7.05 percent to a negative 4.05 percent. After changing the main gauge of inflation from WPI to CPI (Consumer Price Index), because CPI hurts the common man more, the CPI has come down from 9.80 percent to 3.78 percent in July 2015.

FOREX – The Foreign Exchange has increased from the past 2 years,  from $ 274 billion in Sept 2013 to $ 355 billion in August 2015, partly due to global energy prices falling.

INR – The Indian rupee is depreciating vis-a-vis the dollar, due to market forces of demand and supply, but the RBI Governor, Dr. Raghuram Rajan is not concerned. Instead he says this is health for the Indian Rupees.

CRUDE OIL – The Brent Crude Oil is currently trading at $46.09/bbl. 

CURRENT A/C – The Current Account deficit gap has decreased and the economy is moving towards the goal of a developed nation.  

NPA – The NPAs in the banks was and still remain a cause of concern for the RBI, the finance minister and the banks. The NPA has increased from `228321 crore in Sept 2013 to `320554 crore in June 2015.

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