Saturday, 19 January 2019

Stock Market Brief by Imtiaz Merchant for 21st January 2019

Markets on the back of improved quarterly result by few large cap companies like Reliance, Infosys, Wipro, Hind Unilever etc. and some policy announcement by the Govt. on agriculture, infra-structure and DIGITIZATION, and with reduced inflation and better economic outlook the markets ended the week on higher note, up over 1 per cent, apart from these companies some more Mid and Small cap companies gave improved result but the buoyancy in the market will come once the election results are announced that is three to four months away, further with improved global markets it appears that the year 2019 will be a better year for Investment. The sectors look poised to grow in sectors like Consumer goods, Healthcare, Information Technology and Infrastructure.
Investors should be stocks specifically and cautiously optimistic on the markets and buy only those stocks that are giving consistently good earnings and conversely ignore stocks with poor earnings.

Technical Technically markets looks poised against the major breakout at 11200 minor breakout at 11050, if the markets is successful in clearing the deck of this two major huddle, then certainly it will poised to test the all-time  high of around 11800, if closes above this level then certainly test much higher levels. However if it fails to close above major huddle of 11200 and close below 10780 it will once again go for corrective action. Hence the initial range for the Nifty is between 10780 and 11050 and wider range of 10700 and 11200.

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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Stock Market Brief by Imtiaz Merchant for 07th January 2019

On the back of weak and volatile global markets may it be equity or commodity ended the week on negative note, though finish the day on Friday on positive note with improved volumes, the European and US markets too ended the day on Friday on a robust close in anticipation that world economic growth including from emerging markets particularly. Indian scenario is concerned the volatility is likely to continue due to general election few months away the outcome for the same would determine the course of market, plus some populous measures taken by the government will be detrimental for the markets. Quarterly results will also play key role. We expect the year 2019 would be volatile and range bound unless good news on economy and government stability will act as a trigger for the markets. Markets will be very stocks specific, it will not be the cats and dogs’ market, companies doing well will be rewarded and companies reporting bad results will at same time punished. I call this year 2019 to be a more rational year for the equity markets and stocks will discover the fair values.

Technical- Technically the markets on expected lines are range bound and will continue to remain so until it breaks out 11050 levels on the Nifty with improved volumes, conversely it the markets breakdown the lower levels say 10500 on close basis then a prolonged correction is not ruled out. And until then market will oscillates initially between 10600 and 10950, hence we can say as the days go by the markets will sooner than later find the either breakout or breakdown though chances of breakout seemingly looks higher.

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