Saturday, 23 June 2018

Market Brief by Imtiaz Merchant - 18th June 2018

Technical–Markets participants once again remained indecisive and the trend failed to breakout or breakdown and hence traded in a range between 10750 and 10900, the firm breakout for this market is close above 10950 and a breakdown though a distant away at close below 10600 to 10550 will confirm a down trend. It is still not clear, although the long and the short term is up and the intermediate (Medium) trend is down and would turn up close above 10950 this would also witness all trends being up hence big rally is not ruled out. However once should be careful below 10640 and under 10550 the markets would breakdown and would witness across the board sale. Investors should trade cautiously and should remain stocks specifically bullish, at the same time exit from week and underperforming stocks.

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